Sheinkin 65 - White City Group

Rubinsky House

This three-story building was originally built as a residential building. Today, it consists 10 housing units and a new penthouse that was added in a way that is not visible from the street. The outer shell of the building was meticulously maintained, which included the preservation and restoration of most of the elements in the building. For example, all the closed balconies over the years were restored and reopened. In addition, the interior of the apartments was changed according to the owners' needs, an elevator was installed, and all technical and electromechanical systems in the building were replaced.

Sheinkin 65

Porthole windows and deck-like balconies along HaGilboa street give this building a ship-like feel. These ship-like features were common in the international style architecture since ship was a symbol of universality and the international style is designed to suit all parts of the earth and all its cities. However, in the context of Tel Aviv, these nautical elements take on a special meaning as they were built by immigrants who arrived by ship. The use of these nautical elements in this building may also have been an overt or covert nod to the incoming immigrant ships from Europe to the land of Israel.

architect Amnon Bar Or
expertise Preservation
location Lev hair
status Complete

project milestones

1. Construction permit
2. Start of construction
3. Building shell
4. Interior construction
5. Complete