Iconic living on Jaffa’s historic street

Experience the epitome of urban living in one of Jaffa’s historic streets. Here, the juxtaposition of old and new, convenience and comfort come together in an iconic building by Bar Orian Architects that breathes new life into the neighborhood.

Sderot Yerushalayim 121-123

Whether you stroll to the beach, the market, or a neighborhood cafe, the Sdeort Yerushalyim 121-123 residences offer the best of urban living in Jaffa’s lively neighborhood.
architect Bar Orian Architects
expertise Residential
location Jaffa
status Pre-permit
25 Apartments For Sale
46 Apartments
6 Floors
Classic parking

project milestones

1. Construction permit
2. Start of construction
3. Building shell
4. Interior construction
5. Complete