In and out living experience

Step over the threshold, into a world of luxury. Experience the hustle and bustle of urban life & the tranquility of your own sanctuary, a unique blend seamlessly interwoven into one. Here, you're at the epicenter of the exceptional.

Louis Marshall 10-16

Straddling the line between vibrant city streets and serene private quarters, a stone's throw from eclectic eateries, contemporary galleries, and bespoke shopping. With access to the city's lifeblood and the serenity of Louis Marshall 10-16, you truly get the best of both worlds.
architect Bar Orian Architects
expertise Residential
location New North
status Permit submitted
34 Apartments For Sale
100 Apartments
7 Floors
Classic parking
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project milestones

1. Construction permit
2. Start of construction
3. Building shell
4. Interior construction
5. Complete