Our Areas
of Expertise

We plan, develop, build, and market visionary properties created for tomorrow's living and leisure.

With exceptional architecture and interior design that is thoughtfully imagined for every need, we create living spaces that are steps away from the city landmarks.


Urban Renewal and New Developments The White City Group is committed to creating thoughtful spaces that go beyond the four walls; from creating a nook to sit next to the mailboxes to comfortable parking spaces that allow easy access to the city. WCG builds homes that truly elevate everyday life; from standalone residential projects to large complex building clusters.
65+ building rights
1,800+ housing units
5+ billion NIS sales turnover
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Business, Leisure, and Retreat Experiences WCG sees the developments of urban hotels as the forefront of urban development in major cities. In partnership with leading hotel chains, the company purchases buildings for hotels in AAA locations in city centers, including in Tel Aviv, Rome, Milan and other European capitals.
9+ hotels
900+ hotel rooms
2+ billion NIS
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The complete living experience White City Group is currently working on Israel’s first-ever luxury mixed-use project that combines residential, hotel, commerce, and fine dining. The project is all planned and led by the most prominent architectural and interior design firms in the field.
130+ hotel rooms
13+ apt. (300sqm each)
1,900+ sqm commecial
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Constructional conservation and Transferable Development Rights (TDR) The White City Group are pioneers in building preservations in the city of Tel-Aviv, and are responsible for some of the most iconic buildings that make up what is known as UNESCO’s ‘White City’.
40+ zoning plans
11+ preservation projects
57,000 sqm building rights
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