Handel and Fellman House

The building was originally a three-story residential building with an inner courtyard at its front. Today, it consists of 12 housing units. Extensive conservation work was carried out to preserve and restore the building envelope, the staircase, including the original railing, lighting fixtures, and the building’s frontal courtyard.

Engel 8

One of the main unique architectural features of Engel 8 is the main thermometer window. This vertical window was used to create a visual break within the horizontal lines of the International style and is one of the few ‘decorative’ elements found in this type of architecture. Moreover, as is typical for the International style, the thermometer window also served a functional purpose. It brought light into the building during the day, but its primary function was to emit light outside in the evenings, thus illuminating the dark street; an efficient and economical solution for Tel Aviv in the 30s when municipal street lights did not exist.
architect Bar Orian Architects
expertise Preservation
location Lev hair
status Complete

project milestones

1. Construction permit
2. Start of construction
3. Building shell
4. Interior construction
5. Complete