Perlmutter House

Dizengoff 149 was originally a three-story residential building. Today, it consists of five housing units and street-level retail. Very few changes were made to the building over the years, and its character and function remain almost intact on all façades. Furthermore, almost no changes were made to the residential unit's interior design, which today includes original details such as the small cornice above the entrance door, the windows, the roller blinds, the stairwell, and the railing.

Dizengoff 149

This building exemplifies the International style premise of function, together with cantilevered balconies and a slot to emphasize horizontal lines. In addition, these minimalistic balconies ‘detach’ from the built mass of the building, without column support, to create a game of light and shadow, adding another element of interest within the functional architecture.
architect Gidi Bar Orian
expertise Preservation
location Old North
status Complete

project milestones

1. Construction permit
2. Start of construction
3. Building shell
4. Interior construction
5. Complete