Balfour 44 - White City Group

Shevach-Raizel Ashkenazi House

This three-story building originally had six residential apartments. However, in practice, some of these apartments were used for businesses such as a grocery store, a shoe store, a book distribution office, and a blinds trading house rather than their intended residential purpose. Currently, the building is leased to the White City Group and the Bar Orian Architects office. The building has been meticulously preserved, and its interior has been adapted to accommodate modern offices with the addition of an elevator.

Balfour 44

The stairwell and the apartments originally featured unique murals and illustrated tiles. On the two facades facing Rothschild Street and Balfour Street are open balconies with prominent iron railings with moldings and decorations. This decorative motif is also repeated in the stair railing inside the building. The doors originally featured stained glass, and still today, one can find some doors on the front-facing Balfour where the original stained glazing has been preserved.
architect Bar Orian Architects
expertise Preservation
location Lev hair
status Complete

project milestones

1. Construction permit
2. Start of construction
3. Building shell
4. Interior construction
5. Complete